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Welcome to Alfano Dry Goods, where we seamlessly blend tradition with innovation in the world of athleisure clothing and home goods. I'm Mary Judge, a multi-disciplinary artist, photographer, and surface pattern designer.

Alfano Dry Goods is a heartfelt tribute to my grandfather, Frank Alfano, who established a haven for textile enthusiasts in East Boston back in 1921. In an era when dry goods stores were bustling hubs of creativity, providing essential fabrics for home sewing projects, my grandfather's store was a place for inspiration and a convenient resource. 

Families and makers sought materials for crafting linens, drapery, upholstery, kitchen toweling, and most of their household clothing. (Check out this epic photo of him in his store!)

My creative journey has been shaped by summers on Cape Cod, art history studies in Paris, my time as a Peace Corps volunteer on the beautiful Caribbean island of Dominica, and my wanderings through museums with my husband and son throughout the U.S. and abroad. I’m a member of the National Association of Women Artists (founded in 1889) which has offered me opportunities to show my art in galleries since 2017.

As a nature enthusiast, I gathered a ton of inspiration from my wildlife safaris in Kenya, where my sister runs a safari camp (how cool is that?!)  check it out at ikwetasafaricamp.com .

As with all of our life journeys, experiences shape us. My path has deepened my love for patterns found throughout millennia and the natural world. Whether I'm using my photographs, drawings, or digital creations, I strive to create patterns that perfectly complement a specific style of clothing or home decor. 

Using print-on-demand manufacturing, I can offer a wider range of patterns, while keeping up with sustainable practices. My process echoes the wisdom of my favorite punk rock fashion icon, Vivienne Westwood: "You can't have innovation without tradition."

Thank you for visiting my 21st-century dry goods store and for supporting a woman-owned small business!

With heart,

Mary Judge

Founder, Alfano Dry Goods, LLC


If you have any questions about licensing or want to learn more about our products, feel free to get in touch with us at mary@alfanodrygoods.com.

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